Just some random thoughts…

Anyone who makes “slide shows” on youtube, Knock it off!!! No one wants to see still pictures of a band you like put to one of their mediocre songs.

To all portable media hardware manufacturers, please make a device that is truly plug and play. Make it drag and drop, and have all the application and codecs ready to go on the device. This would eliminate using software that we all hate and wasting our time converting.

To anyone who lives outside of the U.S. … we know…we really do know…if you think we don’t you’re basing it on the guy running the country and not his disloyal and disapproving subjects.

People, if we all decide to do something, we win the numbers game. Don’t want to pay all the extra fees on your cell phone bill that seem made up? Just don’t pay them. If we all do it, eventually they will have to just do away with him. In fact, how about we get unlimited calling and everything else, 40 dollars a month. That’s it, there’s no reason I should have to pay x¢ to send a message and someone else y¢ just so eventually, over (T)time, (x+y)*T = Big ass yacht for some douche working at T-Mobile. We all as a society say “We pay 40, that’s it.” They can’t stop us. Even if they try to pull the plug the groundwork is already a-lay if you will.

Vince McMahon…my once great Vince McMahon, what happened to you? So much careful thought and planning…became so little concern for prestige and giving the fans a feeling of content.

BluRay Vs. HDDVD, I think is starting to feel like a BluRay victory is closer. If BluRay discs outsell HDDVD discs 2 to 1, with the price of the players being more expensive on the BluRays by almost double mind you…I think that’s a bad sign for the HDDVD people. I don’t know what else you can do though. They each have half the movies, same quality really, the difference is the hardware, BluRay costs more…May HDDVD just needs a sexy girl in some marketing campaign … like the cavemen were to Geico.

Linux, you actually betrayed me! In what seemed to be a glorious day, your new update came out, 7.10 (Ubuntu). I have a graphics card in this machine that should be able to run you in its sleep, won’t work! Someone out there please just make a master list of hardware that is certifiable for Linux distros. Plenty of these companies have nonsense stickers and insignias that make their way onto the packing of this stuff, make one for Ubuntu, or any of the zillions of Linux distros and just pop them on stuff so I can buy optimal gear. By the way, I realized I didn’t know the plural of “Linux” so my cop-out method was saying “Linux distros.” Does anybody know?

Zuney2JayHere’s a turn for everyone in the 180 degrees statement, I bought a Zune. That’s right, a Microsoft Zune, and of course how could I end that notion without the final part, the Zune I bought was Brown! Guess what, it plays music. What do I like about? The screen is actually nice, the music sounds good, navigation is easy. Pictures and Video are a nice bonus, I don’t know if that’s the purpose of this device for some, I just wanted a music player that was portable. What don’t I like? Syncing it to the software isn’t the easiest thing in the world. For one, it tries to two way sync, meaning unlock the way Apple does it, if you deleted a song from your library and then re sync, the song will be copied from your Zune to the library. Sometimes you will delete stuff discover it’s made its way back somehow until hunt around and find that the Zune software (also called “Zune” reads from sources and despite removing items from your library, it will simply reproduce them. Frankly I really don’t get why with all the Windows Media certified devices thing Microsoft did for so long, and building in a device tab and music store into Media Player, would they then make a second and completely devoid of that entire real program which the Zune uses to “sync.” One the music is synced up though it’s done and good to go, although the actual syncing seems to take a little longer than I thought it would, I guess I’m not used to 30 gigs over USB 2.0, but I miss Fire wire already, Ditching fast and more efficient technology for slower and older technology make a hell of a little sense. What can justify this anyway? People like flat connectors? It has the word “Universal” in it? Overall I like the Zune. Frankly given the option of getting an iPod (80 gigs at that) and a Zune w/30 gigs, Zune seemed to hold the interest. Perhaps dealing with Apple products just makes me wonder what else is out there, feeling as though worst that can happen is something not apple will be so unbearable and I’ll run back to Apple and they can have the bragging rights that they will so rightly deserve. Again, that was all a big what if, we’re only at the beginning of the adventure “M2J gets a Zune.” It was also recently that I had noticed that most of the girls on my prior top ten lists turn out pretty high up on the chain. I usually nab ones that are not strikingly obvious. Perhaps my sacred list possesses some blessing ability. Perhaps I am the CZAR of all chicks hot! I guess we’ll find out during my next list? hehe

Oh Smackdown Vs Raw 2008, I think this is the one where M2J’s contact wasn’t renewed. Simply put, the game play has just mutated again and again, it is now something else. Picking up this game for a first time and learning from here on in would work, but adjusting as I must do…ain’t gonna happen. Luckily, on that same day, when kiddies all over the country are going to be making “hardcore” matches of Cena and Bautista, I’ll be delivering the Delphin Diving Elbow Drop to one victim while my Tag Team Partner Curry Man delivers the Spicy Drop [CRITICAL!].

In my never-ending quest for knowledge, I found myself finally taking on the often-confusing realm of streaming my own audio over the international network, or “Internet.” Knowing some folk who DJ at Manhattanville College in New York (which you can visit at wmvlradio.com), I opted to listen to their shows when I could. A problem one day started, however, where the music was completely over-amped and distorted. It was practically impossible to understand what they were saying and the music was unlistenable. I decided to try to and help them as best as I could, not having any official ties to the school, doing this would require me to remotely trouble shoot and leave it to the internal folks running the show in my stead. The first step was to find out if the signal transmitting over FM was okay, it was. Right off the bat, we can deduce that the problem is the output to the machine streaming the audio or the machine streaming itself (or both). Meanwhile, I decided I wanted to see how this whole Internet radio worked. I had seen a zillion methods of how to stream before, but they all seemed confusing, application specific (as in what media player you could use to hear the stream) and frankly, full of geek jargon even I couldn’t understand. Finally I got to narrow some of the possibilities down and discovered Icecast. I think there’s a distinct possibility if you are still reading this you have had some woes with this program and it took me a while to figure out exactly how to do this. Despite how complex they make it seem, with all the configuration files and encoding dlls you need, it’s actually simple.Ghetto Blaster


There are the directions I put together and put to work as well. Here is the link to my “radio” station, which is off 99% of the time. The benefit of having it is if I want to play a song for someone, from something or anything…whatever the reason, the ability to quickly broadcast something out live comes in handy if for nothing else.


On a sadder note, my employer, who probably has already found this page because his amazing ability to act on paranoid micromanagement compulsions, needs to shape the frig up. You can motivate your team via fear, or…MOTIVATION! Why do you choose fear each time? It’s not that we don’t want to cooperate or get along. Everyone gets along there, no one has any strong gripes, partly because the disdain for the customers mixed with the intolerable nonsense coming from the big wigs. We always are told we didn’t follow direction, and we’re going to be fired and no one listens…if the majority of a staff is having serious trouble following some rules, one should examine the possibility that the rules are simply too stringent. Motivate, incentive, give people something back. Try it for a week, like really try it. …wow I could be talking about a lot of jobs in the country today…Well, all of you learn!

Some advice for some of the younger ones behind me. Although only a few years older, I can give you some heads up. Don’t sweat the special someone in your life too much after drama because regular, know when to burn it out than fade it away. Eventually you won’t care, you’ll have moved onto the next sweet special someone part 2 and you feel 1000 times better starting off with a clean slate and now just a little bit stronger than you used to be. At the first sign of any trouble this time, you bounce. Eventually this cycle always repeats. To those of you who are doing okay, don’t go too nuts either. These things have a way of coming down and the longer and more time you invested into this, you could find yourself returning back to a world which you no longer recognize. If you have met that once person that everything has been perfect ever since and still is and looks like it’s going to be…well, you win.

I’m Hulked Up Baby!

Hulked Up

I want 2004 back again to just regroup and get going But I guess I’ll have to move passed it, that rut is just about over anyway. You shall see, You will all see…

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