Happy Birthday Garfield!

A little-known fact about me is I’m a huge Garfield fan. I own many of the comics (in book form) and watched the show religiously. If you don’t believe me, I can rattle a few facts out off the top of my head. He loves lasagna, has a teddy bear named “Pooky,” hates Mondays, and February for that matter. Anyway, Garfield is 30 today! I bet some of you don’t remember what Garfield used to look like and how much he changed. Below is the first Garfield comic.

No, not the funniest, but hey, it was a good start obviously. Garfield always teetered on the border of youth and adult humor. I always found that pretty unique. I’ll leave you with what maybe my favorite Garfield comic. I wonder if he’ll be around for another 30 years…

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