Skullcandy Titan Ear Buds

Of course I couldn’t get some new gear without telling everyone what I thought about it – I like these for the most part, with some minor grievances as anyone who knows me would expect. So, my Shures (E2C) that I had purchased only last year somewhat died on me. They were supposed to be good too. I walked in to Circuit City and found these on the shelf. There wasn’t much of a selection, but I wasn’t going to grab these out of desperation. I googled them, they had pretty good feedback, so I nabbed them.

You know, they’re comfortable and sound pretty good. Amazingly, I have gotten so used to the E2Cs, that I can tell the difference. These are more bass-y, which means of course in small ear buds like these, the higher frequencies are neglected somewhat. The bass being more driven makes for louder-seeming music (or whatever you’re listening to). Although the Shures provide somewhat of a more balanced listening experience, they didn’t handle bass well at all and I find that I don’t miss it.

If these ear buds last, they will be a pretty good buy. Plus they came with a cool little case and it, as well as the ear buds, have skulls on them. I could have used bigger “R” and “L” lettering on each of them though. It’s not easy to find and takes longer than it should each time. Another big plus is that they work out of the box with the iPhone (first gen). These things cost me fifty bones, so if they aren’t working by this time next year, I’ll be complaining… a lot.

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