Sorry, I’ve been seriously neglecting this website. I should be doing more on here, but I’m spread so thin, facebook, twitter, youtube, foursquare, yelp, etc. It never ends. It’s hard to focus on just one place, especially since hardly anyone would want to come to this website when facebook seems to be the main place everyone is going to see anything having to do with one’s life. I’m getting kind of sick of facebook for some reason. I’d be sick of twitter too, if twitter actually, like were a lot of work. I used to just post cool stuff I found on twitter, but now it’s more of a place to just put stuff that pops into my head. I think it maybe time to revert back to that. I can’t imagine anyone wants to see me talk about eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or being on he bus next to a pimply-faced moron standing too close to me. Besides, anything on this website is mine. Anything I post on twitter, facebook, etc, belongs to them. Facebook hasn’t been the most trustworthy website when it comes to ownership or privacy lately. If I have this website, I may as well use it.

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