Things I’ve Learned from Pro Wrestling

The good guy doesn’t always win.

Even at your dream job, you may get stuck with an asshole boss.

I learned words like, “tenacity” and “fortitude,” some other greats; prowess, acumen, reign…

I learned a lot of anatomy too; solar plexus, carotid artery, meniscus, clavicle – as well as slang terms, like “bread basket.”

Everybody has a price, everybody.

A good entrance is always a huge plus.

Your most beloved heroes can really disappoint you.

Your most hated nemesis can suddenly see the error of their ways.

Speaking your mind is usually the best course of action. If people dislike you because of your stance, that’s their choice, at least they know who you are.

Charisma is a must in life.

Be careful of people who are just using your to get to the next level (or what they think is the next level).

Some people change by pretending to be someone else, but some people change because they stop pretending.

Always part on good terms, if possible.

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