WWE Raw 7/26/2010

9:00 – Let’s rock and roll! Obligatory recap of last week, oh criminy, is there a guest host tonight?
9:03 – Cena starting off the show. This promo is going to be kind of useless until someone joins in. I guess I’ll just have to grit and bare it.
9:07 – Hey an interruption! Welcome, Jericho!
Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of these guys defected AT Summer Slam?
9:09 – Wow, the crowd’s really popping for Y2J
9:13 – Cena does well going from comedy to drama quickly. Jericho being difficult, as always, is working well also.
9:16 – Did anyone thinking Summer Slam WOULDN’T be an elimination match? Oh good, we’ve resumed the using catch phrases of past superstars.
Well that segment was ok, the faces and the heels are going to have beef being on the same side. Sounds about right…

9:20 – I hope this isn’t going to be Miz Vs. R Truth, this feud is worn out.
9:23 – Why doesn’t Orton wear any wrist tape? It just looks weird. Who is Orton squashing this week. I take that back, who is he going to have a brief match with and then Sheamus will interfere?
9:26 – I feel like Vince McMahon has given me a very limited education about Samoans. Basically, they’re kind of black, they have big asses, and like to head-butt people.
9:27 – So Sheamus waited until after the match…
9:28 – Miz with another cash-in tease?

I still dislike very much that on a wrestling show, we’ve had only 4 minutes of wrestling in a half hour. That’s not a good ratio.
9:31 – I wouldn’t mind not having the Khali in the Summer Slam match. I don’t much care for him. He can’t bump and he always loses anyway.

9:36 – Wow, they just showed the boat ride I went on in San Antonio. Hard to believe I was there. Ooh, Miz and Sheamus!! Michael Cole has received another manager…
9:38 – OMG They’re gonna show the Warrior!! Since Hulk Hogan went over to TNA, Vince doesn’t seem to hate Macho Man or the Warrior as much anymore.
9:39 – “I heard what you said about Khali earlier” – how about it was on NATIONAL LIVE TV!? Does anyone want to see Khali go over?
9:46 – Well the Nexus just saved us from this match.
9:48 – Edge Vs Khali + Nexus = no match and a waste of our time. That wasn’t even a match. We’ve still only had 4 minutes of action.

9:52 – This match will eat up some time if it’s elimination, unless the Nexus dominates, which isn’t impossible.
9:53 – Michael Cole announcing by himself makes me feel like I’m being punished. Well, Yoshi just went to waste, I remember when he was on ECW and he actually got used and won matches.
9:58 – So Lawler is gone.
9:59 – Um, is Slater using the Zig Zag? Doesn’t someone else have dibs on that move?
10:03 – I’m gonna go raid my fridge. I’ll be back after Kidd is eliminated and then Bourne has the big display of heart and still loses.
10:06 – I just got my hands on some chocolate and peanut butter in the kitchen. Now that I’m in the living room again, it looks as though Evan Bourne is being brutalized. Does that mean I was right?
10:13 – I love the Miz. That is all.
10:17 – A Bella is wrestling?? That doesn’t happen. I guess that means one of them is getting squashed?
10:21 – Vegetable of the day… squash.
10:26 – You know what would be awesome? If the reason R-Truth is at ringside for this Morrison/DiBiase match is because he’s going to turn on Morrison and take up DiBiase’s offer to be the new Virgil. He really needs something to do.
10:28 – I love Maryse. That is all.
10:30 – Well at least there’s a conflict. I was hoping for that. It will make the dynamic of the Raw team at Summer Slam even more hostile.

10:37 – Are they showing us the same recap as the beginning of the show? FILLER! Can’t we get Zack Ryder in a match or something?
10:40 – Typical Orton promo, he’s better when he’s sharing interview time with an opponent. Looks like our main event is getting ready.

10:48 – I Just realized that I hadn’t written anything in a while and then realized, that’s because nothing has happened. Basically, nothing happened for the last 18 minutes in this show. This Raw isn’t so hot.
10:51 – This crowd seems to be pro-Y2J. I wonder if they’re going to throw us any double teams between Cena and Jericho, such as the famed FURKO Cena did with Orton.
10:54 – Oooh, an attitude adjustment into a code-breaker could work really well.
10:56 – Jericho totally did a babyface showboat after drop-kicking Sheamus off the apron.
11:00 – Sheamus totally stole Jericho’s “ask him” just now.
11:02 – Stupid ending. Why would Jericho make an effort to win the match that whole time JUST to turn on Cena? Lousy ending to the match.
11:04 – Ok, the whole team is a mess. 86 the entire team and get some guys that actually get along. There’s a month until Summer Slam. Oh well, crappy Raw overall.
Rating: ★★★½☆☆☆☆☆☆

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