WWE Raw 8/2/2010

9:00 – Ok, we really need a good Raw tonight, last week was utter garbage. TNA Impact was better on Thursday. TNA!
9:03 – 3 minute opening? That’s a bad sign if they’re starting off with filler. Hopefully they won’t pull what they did last week and show the same promo in the middle again.
Ooh, Miz Vs Orton, good! Uh oh, Cena movie trailer, more filler!
9:10 – This promo is boring me. Why would R-Truth even care if Edge wanted to face Wade Barrett? Does anyone notice each week that Michael Cole announces that he has an email from the GM, he does it slower and slower, almost as if he’s trying to be as annoying as possible.
9:21 – At least this has been a relatively solid match thus far. I find it hard to believe Edge will go over. It wouldn’t make the Nexus look good.
9:22 – Just when I thought the match was gonna start really getting interesting… sigh…
9:25 – So far, in 26 minutes, we’ve had 6 minutes of wrestling. R-Truth and Edge had way too much time to not put either of them over or progress anything – which led to a match where nothing ultimately happened.
9:28 – So a half hour of nonsense to get to the point of Edge quitting the team. That could have been set up in the first 3 minutes. This sucks. At least they’re about to show a recap of Bret Vs Perfect from Summer Slam 1991.
9:31 – It’s probably a mistake to show one of the best matches of all time, ever, during a Raw that is just not cutting it.
9:33 – Teasing a Khali Nexus switch – I’d prefer he be where I am the night of Sumer Slam, sitting at home watching it on TV, because he really doesn’t belong in this match at all anyway. I’d almost rather see him turn on team WWE. When he was a heel, he was world champion. Now hes’s a face, he kisses old women and always loses.
9:36 – Oh Jesus, a divas’ tag match? Here’s a list of what this will do for any of them:
…this concludes the list of things this match will do for any of them. Where’s Milena been?
9:38 – Alicia Fox sure is sexy.
9:39 – Gail Kim sure is sexy.
9:40 – The wise thing to do here would be to somehow work Alicia Fox and Tamina. That would be the wise thing.
9:41 – Nope, the match is over. This match did nothing for anyone. Uh oh, Fox is bragging. She just said there wasn’t a diva that she hadn’t beaten… TAMINA right there! Oh well, I had a feeling this was just cannon fodder for Milena to come back. I knew she was over an injury and was waiting to come back. I was just hoping we’d get something new.
9:48 – So 10 minutes of wrestling in 48 minutes. Yeah, I’m keepin’ track. Do us a favor and DON’T tease the Miz cashing in this week. It will get old. Now, who’s jobbing to Sheamus?
9:49 – At least Goldust is getting a pay day! At least Goldust handed him his first loss! Of course, they don’t want us to remember that. Hey, I am pretty sure I was at the event last year when they met. Sheamus said after the match, something like, “I came in search of gold, but all I got was gold dust.”
9:52 – This isn’t only a job, this is a squash.
9:53 – About 13 minutes of wrestling so far.
9:55 – Ok, so we have Jericho Vs. Cena, DiBiase Vs Khali and Orton Vs. Miz tonight. Hopefully we’ll have some more action in this hour.
10:00 – I can’t really predict the outcome of this one. Jericho has never beat Cena, so that seems unlikely, but both outcomes would make the Summer Slam match interesting. This is a tough one. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this match will have a definitive outcome…
10:04 – The Cena waiting until a nine count and tearing ass back into the ring is getting old.
10:07 – I feel like this is the first match of the evening.
10:10 – I wonder if Jericho will go for the liontamer and miss it in this match.
10:13 – Huh? He did the lionsault, but it … either missed, or Cena didn’t get out of the way on time, or just sloppy selling on Cena’s part.
10:16 – Again, why would Jericho fight that entire match trying to win, and tap immediately before the STF was even locked in?
10:19 – Alright, so no more Jericho, no more Edge. Khali will probably be replaced by DiBiase tonight… is Bret going to re-assemble everyone next week or something?
10:27 – I like Edge and Jericho smoothing things over. What’s with this ridiculous match next week? Is the Nexus going to attack the WWE superstars and they’ll have to fight side by side anyway?
10:40 – YAWN Khali wins. Miz main eventing??
10:44 – WTF is this?? What is this, Entertainment Tonight?
10:46- Thank God, I waited an hour and forty-seven minutes to see the Miz.
10:52 – It just dawned on me, The Nexus really hasn’t done very much tonight. Are we about due?
10:59 – Michael Cole being into the Miz is so weird. Just turn him into the heel commentator, we don’t need no ‘tweeners.
11:04 – Match of the night. Still a weak Raw.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

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