WWE Raw 8/9/2010

9:00 – So, the Raw before Summer Slam. We need to see Bret Hart. We need some more matches announced. We need to establish that there’s some more camaraderie between the members of team WWE, or get new members. We have a lot of stuff to do in two hours, let’s get cracking and now show movie trailers or promos over and over again.
9:03 – Look at that group in the middle seats against the guard rail, they have a lot of replica belts. It’s quite eye-catching.
9:05 – Edge and Chris Jericho face to face with Bret Hart? I like it!
9:06 – Edge didn’t show up. I guess we need some one on one time. I mean, it’s Bret!
9:07 – Bret is really sweaty. I hope he isn’t doing steroids to prepare for Summer Slam.
9:10 – Jericho doesn’t want back in on the team. Now we get Edge.
9:11 – I can’t wait until Edge turns putting Bret over into a heel promo somehow…
9:13 – It sucks that the Nexus just beat up the Hart Dynasty, but, they aren’t in the Summer Slam match, they aren’t doing much of anything, so why do I care? Answer: I don’t.
9:19 – Evan Bourne Vs the Miz! I’m psyched!!
9:20 – The crowd is chanting “Miz Is Awe-some!” That’s MY chant for the Miz!
9:21 – The Miz needs a name for that turnbuckle clothesline. Maybe the Mizline?
9:24 – Good match, textbook finish. Only 5 minutes though. Not exactly enough to be a show stealer.
9:30 – So this Raw has been pretty good, but still 5 minutes of wrestling for the first half hour. SIGH This recap means more meaningless divas action.
9:32 – Is this a title match between Melina and Alicia Fox? Summer Slam is this weekend …could be a good place for a divas’ title match.
9:35 – I couldn’t quite get what the crowd was saying just now. I think this match is boring everyone. These two don’t work well together. Their chemistry is lousy.
9:37 – Ok, so she won, but it wasn’t a title match. So…. Summer Slam? What’s happening?
9:38 – Josh Mathews stopped with his bad haircut. I had no idea who Khali challenged until Mathews translated.
9:42 – Alright, Melina got the title shot at least. Wade Barrett and Khali tonight as well.
9:45 – These backstage statements are fun, Morrison’s beard is not growing on me, no pun intended.
9:50 – Mark Henry Vs. Ted Dibiase. Oh more not wrestling matches. Maybe this will progress Summer Slam a bit more.
9:52 – So an attack on Mark Henry by the Nexus. Now what? Oh Sheamus on his way to the ring. At least we get Orton and Sheamus face to face.
9:59 – Sheamus talkin’, is “arse” PG?
10:01 – Will this exchange between Orton and Sheamus end with a brawl? If so, who will win?
10:06 – The GM is encouraging a brawl? These stipulations about interference are interesting, but kind of silly. Here’s the brawl…
10:09 – Do we predict Sheamus retaining at Summer Slam since Orton won the exchange?
10:14 – NXT? I’ll be in the other room.
10:18 – Sheamus kicking some arse! Is someone going into the GM stand?
10:20 – So Morrison and K-Kwik against….
10:25 – Zack Ryder and Regal…great.
10:27 – Ryder’s trunks make this match worth watching. I hope Zack Ryder pins Morrison.
10:30 – So the opposite of what I wanted happened. It had to though.
10:37 – 5 and a half hot girls in the ring, and the crowd is chanting for Santino. I think that says it all.
10:41 – Again, Santino finds romance.
10:43 – Yay! Khali was attacked! No Khali match.
10:50 – “We’re the Nexus. Only some of us have charism.”
10:52 – I love that the Miz made a Kerrigan reference.
10:53 – I’d like to see Bret in wrestling gear again. I guess Batman tshirts will have to do.
10:56 – Justin Long is the guest host, and the GM is a MacBook, it works perfectly!
10:59 – Edge grew up watching wrestling at a time where guys like Hogan and Hart were the best of the best. Now here he is, in 2010, he’s been co-holder of the tag team championship with Hulk Hogan and is wrestling Bret Hart. Wow
11:04 – I wonder if Bret can handle a “hot tag” at this point in his life.
11:06 – I love and hate watching Bret wrestle nowadays.
11:07 – So the band is back together again, a? I’d love to see the Miz join in there in Khali’s place. Because he’s the Miz, and he’s AWESOME!!

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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