Raw Review 8/16/2010

9:03 – We lost, but it doesn’t matter. Roar!
9:04 – I hope there’s a lot of focus on Bryan tonight. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense why he had beef with the Nexus, but I don’t care, I marked out anyway and I’m thrilled he’s back.
9:08 – This Raw is starting off fun. I hope that the GM doesn’t interrupt and ruin everything.
9:09 – Can we get some progression now, reveal the GM or the higher power? Maybe they’re the same guy?
9:10 – Is the guy in the white shirt behind the announcers’ table the “hot” werewolf from this season of True Blood?
9:13 – I hope tonight is action packed and since Team WWE is competing, we better see Bryan and even Bret having a win would be nice.
9:18 – Ok, Wade Barrett Vs. Chris Jericho. Let’s go! Barrett losing would be awesome, someone could step in to the role of leader… someone we aren’t expecting.
9:24 – Wade Barrett over Jericho. 6 more to go?
9:33 – What is the point of guest hosts? They don’t even plug their stuff, they just walk out do something dumb and leave.
9:34 – FINALLY! They’re actually stopping this silly Unified titles thing. I was actually just wondering when they were going to do that. Then again, I wonder that every time that I see them. Maybe they’ll defend on Smackdown once in a while?
9:35 – Maybe after Justin Gabriel loses this match, he’ll eventually become a face and he and Evan Bourne can be a tag team with sick high flying combinations and it can propel them both a bit.
9:40 – Tarver Vs. Bryan? I hope Bryan wins!
9:43 – I guess that was necessary, but I don’t aprove. Tarver over by roll-up due to distraction by The Miz.
9:45 – Nice, Bret returns to the ring after a whole 24 hours of not being in the ring.
9:58 – Justin Gabriel Vs. Bret Hart isn’t happening. Way to false advertise. Well, Gabriel should be out of the Nexus in… say 6 minutes?
10:02 – Oh, Orton’s going to lose via count out.
10:03 – Ok, so most likely there will be one member of Nexus that will get tossed tonight. Maybe Young, since he’s taking on Cena, who can only lose if he’s shot in the heart.
10:06 – I’m almost positive that is Joe Manganiello in the audience.
10:11 – Skip and David against Morrison and K-Kwik? They can’t 86 2 members of Nexus in one shot… can they?
10:16 – Nope. So, Slater Vs. Edge?
10:17 – Divas tag! Nap time!
10:26 – Lawl “Memory Lane is closed, don’t go there.”
10:33 – Not thrilled that the Miz and Sheamus really aren’t used all that much. They’re champions. Come to think of it, all that Hart Dynasty did was swap belts. Champs aren’t important.
10:34 – I just heard a fan yelling about “…The Brood, we remember!”
10:38 – The Nexus wins are kinda cheaping out a bit. Oh well, Young’s going to lose. Slater over via count out.
10:53 – I wonder how this will play out? Will Cena win, Nexus turn on Young and beat him up, then Cena will help him in a show of compassion?
10:54 – John Cena vs. Darren Young.
11:02 – Cena wins via tap out. Let’s see what the future holds for Young…
11:04 – Anyone notice Jerry Lawler call Darren Young “Daniel Bryan” just now?
11:06 – So young got beaten up, predictable. Not a horrible Raw to follow Summer Slam.
Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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