The Elusive Morning Beej

So in this installment, I was woken up by a phone call, a friend (female) who was with a group of friends was calling to ask if I wanted to hang out. I of course did, but had just woken up and hadn’t even begun to stir yet. She said “I’ll come give you a morning beej to get you going.” Obviously, I was thrilled. She then said “Ok, I’m outside.” Now, in this dream world, I was living with my father. The place we made residence, however, was not a place we had ever lived. It was a very modern house and my friend’s face appeared in a circular window. She was smiling and waving as she put away her phone. I left my room and was going to let her in, but she was already in the living room. She was with two other girls (one who I know in real life and one who doesn’t actually exist) and a guy friend. They were sitting down gabbing with my father about something. He stood up after a while and started showing them magic tricks with two decks of cards, one red and one blue. It actually was pretty cool, he was doing cool slide-of-hand stuff with them. My friend who was going to make good on the morning beej came into my room with me, but I told her I wanted to pee first.

…suddenly, I was in my high school, trying to locate a bathroom. I was walking to spots where I knew bathrooms should be, but there would just be closets or elevators in their stead. Eventually, I ended up at some kind of craft fair that was taking place in the school and asked one of the vendors where the bathroom was. She pointed one out, but while walking to it, a man ahead of me walked in before I could get there and locked the door. I woke up.

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