The Multifunctional Facility OR The Funeral Frenzy!

This dream had a prior part to it, however I can’t recall it, so we begin where I am in my native land, Lexington, New York. There was a gas station that isn’t there in real life, which is kind of a big deal, since there are no gas stations in the town where I’m from. Riddled with curiosity, I decided to stop at this gas station. There were no gas pumps, however. I walked into the adjacent building to discover that there were vending machines and continued past them into a hallway which led to a small TV studio. Now, really baffled, I stepped outside and saw a marquee that this was also an HBO store. I was trying to make sense of why an HBO store would be in my small town of 850 people and wandered back into the building again. Now it was a church, and I was there while multiple funerals were happening. Apparently this set me off into some sort of frenzy, because I ran at one of the corpses and punted him in the head. Although this shocked everyone attending, the corpse woke up and was suddenly okay. I looked around the room and discovered that other corpses were not laying down, but posed standing on pedestals all over the room, dressed in over-done flapper-like 1920s clothing. (The guy I kicked just had a brown and gray suit on.) This apparently made me even more mad, because I suddenly started smashing and throwing things all over the place. At one point, I remember tearing a leather seat cushion off of a chair and hurling it at a piano. It struck the keys and played the notes audibly. It was at this point that I woke up.

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