That isn’t HD and I Love My Hoodie!

This dream was relatively uneventful, but in this dream, I had this Hulkamania hoodie, it looked like the regular Hulkamania shirt, but it was a hoodie… Why do I not have this in real life? It doesn’t exist! Why does it not exist? This world is incomplete. It would look something like this:

…but this is a bootleg off some shady website, never did this exist as official merch. Also, in my dream, there was a zipper down the middle. Nextly, I was in a room with people, watching a standard def TV. They told me it was HD. I told them it was not. The argument got heated. They said things to me like, “Look at how nice the picture is. It has to be HD!” I checked how it was connected, it was connected using composite RCAs, these:

…this kind of connection doesn’t carry HD. I tried explaining this to the masses, but to no avail. Clearly, the lessons I have interpreted to take away from this dream are as follows: I am great at coming up with merchandise and should work for a big company and be paid lots of money for my ideas, and everyone should always listen to me, because no matter how many people disagree with me, I am always right.

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