The Closet Doll

Ana and I are watching TV/movies at my place. I stop at the closet in front of the bathroom to look for something, but hanging on the door is a doll of a blond girl with blue eyes, a doll which I have not seen before. I brush the oddity off and chalk it up to me just not noticing. I step into the bathroom for a second and when I come out, now standing in the place of this doll is a life-sized doll, or taxidermied girl, or something. She was a very sterile looking person, although had the characteristics of a person, lifeless. She had log straight blond hair with bangs, blue eyes, and a dress on. Her eyes were big and I don’t recall her blinking. She looked kind of like a Real Doll:

Ana remarked that it was freaky, but I seemed to want to ignore her and continue watching TV. The doll began to speak. Ana was scared, I was scared, but for some reason, let my need to be a jerk get the best of me, and began immediately mouthing off to the doll. I introduced myself to the doll as “Dolph Ziggler,” exactly in the fashion which the wrestler of the same name used to. The doll continued saying something, but I was caught up in the moment. With my adrenaline pumping and need for some kind of logic, I grabbed the doll by the back of the throat. “It’s probably got batteries which is how it can talk or something,” I said to Ana. I reached into its mouth while it was still talking and it started gagging. I pulled out two 9 volt batteries and showed them to Ana triumphantly. I then leaned the doll up against the door and said to Ana, “Now it’ll probably keep talking like in every horror movie where there’s an electronic device that gets unplugged. Then the doll started talking again. 2 points for me. It began slowly walking towards us. Ana kept begging me to just get out of there with her, but for some reason, I didn’t want to. I shoved the doll into the closet and and slammed the door. “There, problem solved.” I heard sounds coming from other closets in the apartment, when I opened the doors, the doll would be there. I decided to just keep all the doors closed and that would solve the problem for now, but then the doll managed to creep out of the shadows and quickly slip back in. Finally, I said, “Alright already, what do you want.” The doll emerged from under my futon and started changing form. It became a black guy for some reason, looked to be about his mid-twenties. Short hair, dressed in what looked like a down jacket and had something on his back, either a backpack or some kind of object he was carrying. He asked, “Alright, can we talk sensibly without you being a wise-ass or making any ethnic jokes?” “Fine,” I said, and then I woke up.

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