Star Trek: M2J Style

I found myself (apparently) the captain, or at least some kind of designated leader of a crew on a space ship. It felt like Star Trek. I guess the ship we were on wasn’t sufficient for bunking, as we elected to stop at a fancy space hotel. Upon entering, the crew and I marveled at how luxurious it was. I encountered what I believed to be a female feline-like alien, it kind of resembled Mewtwo from Pokemon, but with pink and purple zebra stripes. We didn’t get along, I remember bad vibes followed by a heated argument. What is what about, I can’t recall. Our crew found its way to our respective rooms. I got the distinct vibe that the employees of the hotel had some degree of disdain for us.

At this point, I became an audience member for the show I was in, I suppose. I saw what appeared to be other guests of the hotel entering some recreational portion of the facilities, an act that was encouraged by the employees. They were in what was supposed to simulate floating in space as some kind of relaxation exercise. The guests that entered into the room for this, however, found themselves falling very fast. Falling? In space? That didn’t sit right. They continued to fall and as if changing the scene before we got to see their fate, I was back to me again. I grabbed some of my crew members and decided to have a look around the place. We got onto the elevator, three of us I believe. I was in the back left corner of the elevator, a female officer was to my right, and another ambiguous officer to her right. Two burly men wearing black t-shirts got on the elevator and stood between us and the door. They turned around suddenly and held us up with phasers. Before I could soak in this situation, the officers to my right disarmed the men. I didn’t see the one on the far right, but the one to my immediate right swiftly kicked the gun out of the right hand of the man in front of us with her left foot. After a proper beating, we somehow discovered that this hotel was used to enslave the guests in order to build something. I think it was a weapon of some kind for whomever was in charge.

We decided to return to the portion of the hotel where our fellow crew members were staying. I encountered the feline once again. Suddenly, I got the vibe that although we evidently had our differences, she was not part of the evil plot and in fact was in every bit of danger as we were. Perhaps she could be an ally. I then heard her voice, which was telepathic, say something like, “If only you could hear me you would know I’m not your enemy.” I shouted excitedly, “I can hear you!” We both had a moment of rejoice. I turned to my crew, who looked confused. “Can you hear her?” I asked. They both shook their heads, “no.”

We gathered up the whole crew and decided we were going to have to make a break for the exit. We would probably meet with hostiles on our way out and there was a possibility that they would have tampered with or robbed our ships. Suddenly, a group of about 3 geisha-looking women came in. They apparently were other guests at the hotel who were trying to make their escape. They had very distinctive colors. One was red, one blue, and one green, each with matching gowns, make-up and accessories (such as paper fans). I remember the fans very clearly for some reason, white toward the base, and gradiated with their respective colors toward the top. Something about them made me not think, but know that they were infiltrators. They were working with the hotel and were not to be trusted.

Unfortunately, this is where I woke up.

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