Trufle w Czekoladzie – Candy of the Month!

It’s hard to go into a lot of detail about these candies, because I don’t speak Polish. I have a vague idea what “W CZEKOLADZIE” means. (With Chocolate?) I will tell you this, however, these are delicious. They have a good little kick of bitterness to them. If I’m not mistaken, there’s somewhat of a liqueur component to them. They are not for everyone, but boy howdy they’re for me. There are varieties I think also. I recall having cherry-chocolate trufles one time. They aren’t an easy find. Duane Reade or CVS aren’t going to have these lying around, but if you check your local Polish grocer, there is a chance they may just have it on the shelf – next to the Wedel Delicje cookies and those creepy kinder eggs.

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